Privacy Policy


We wish to set cookies on your computer in order to improve your experience on your website.

The new EU legislation asks us to inform you on on how we use cookies. With this text, we hope to explain this.

We believe that it is important to be open on how we use data. This notice’s purpose is to keep you informed and enjoy ExpediCar.

What are cookies?

A cookie is just a text file which contains small pieces of data, collected when you visit a website. It is designed to help websites identify past user experience. This can include the action to trace a click on a page or link or if you read some content on a page at a certain time.

There are different cookie types and without them websites couldn’t work the way we are used to work nowadays.

ExpediCAR websites use cookies to give you the best experience possible and we use only the cookies that we consider as necessary and useful.

Deleting cookies from your computer

In case you are not satisfied with the way we use cookies on this website, you can easily delete them from the folder located in your web browser. Also, you can set your browser to block cookies and display a notification once a cookies is installed on your computer.

Pentru ca sunt disponibile mai multe tipuri de browsere, nu vom da instructiuni pentru toate dintre ele, insa puteti vizita sectiunea „Totul despre cookie-uri”.

For  Windows Explorer, the steps to delete your cookies are:

• Click on ‘Windows Explorer’

•  Select ‘Search’ from the Tool bar

•  Write ‘Cookie’ in the search box

•  Choose ‘My Computer’ from ‘Look In’ menu

•  Click on ‘Search Now’

•  Open the shown directories

•  Select cookie files

•  Click on Delete to remove these files.

If you use a different browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, please go to Settings in your browser and follow the instructions to delete any cookies.

Please note that if you delete the cookie files, you may not be able to view information on our website or on other websites.